10 common mistakes that will ruin your rebranding

Don’t for a moment think you can roll out a snazzy new logo and be done. It requires a holistic approach, so before you address the ‘what’ and the ‘how,’ make sure you understand the ‘why.’

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Rebranding can be tricky.

Do it well, and you set your brand up for success. Do it poorly, and you become a punchline. (Remember the infamous Gap logo that lasted exactly a week?)

A rebranding costs time, money and energy. When it doesn’t work, it’s everyone’s loss. Unfortunately, it’s easy for it to go off the rails. No matter how prepared you think you are, plenty of pitfalls can sabotage your rebranding. Here are 10 to avoid:

1. Doing a rebranding because you feel like it.

A rebranding is a huge endeavor that requires serious thought and planning.

There are valid reasons to pursue one:

If you think you’re ready, have a serious conversation to justify why you’re doing a rebranding and how it relates to your brand strategy.

2. Not knowing who you are.

When an organization doesn’t know its core identity (purpose, vision, mission, and values), it’s hard to complete a successful rebranding. Your core influences every part of your brand, from the products you design to the way you talk to customers. If you don’t know who you are or why you exist, how can you shape a brand strategy? How can you communicate it through your branding? It’s nearly impossible.

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