10 free tools to manage your personal brand

Don’t risk negative information appearing in Google searches for you or your brand. These tools have you covered.

Do you ever Google yourself and find that another person with your name pops up on the screen?

Do you want to prevent a recruiter from seeing those college photos your friends posted on Facebook?

Do you want people to quickly find out who you are, what you do and what content you share online?

If your answer to all these questions is “yes,” you should monitor and be proactive about your personal brand and online reputation.

Managing your personal brand and online reputation is not an easy task, but here are 10 free tools that can help:

1. BrandYourself

This website is a great way to manage and take ownership of your search results. This tool makes sure search engines like Google and Bing find the real you—not someone else who may have a name similar to yours. (Or in some cases, the same name.) It helps you put relevant results at the top and improve your personal brand.

2. About.me

This website helps you create a personal homepage that is a central place for all your websites like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram and a blog. This tool can help improve your presence on the Web, and help others quickly learn who you are and what you share online.

3. Social Mention

This tool sends alerts based on your keywords. It analyzes when someone mentions you and how important those mentions are. In other words, it is social media search engine. It searches user generated content like blogs, bookmarks, comments and videos.

4. Who’s Talkin?

This tool is similar to Social Mention in that it alerts you of your mentions. It helps you search for conversations you care about the most.

5. NameChk

Do you want to know if your name is available on a social network? This tool helps make sure you secure your domains and don’t let cybersquatters steal your name on social networks. It helps you determine if your desired social media username or URL is still available on tons of social networks.

6. HootSuite

This tool helps you manage and measure your social media presence on one simple dashboard. You can manage multiple social media profiles, schedule messages and tweets, track mentions of your name and analyze social media traffic.

7. Google Alerts

These alerts are still a must to search for the keywords you want to know about, such as your name or nickname. It also helps you stay up-to-date on keywords you are interested in, like public relations, content marketing, brand journalism or social media.

8. Google’s Me on the Web

This tool notifies you when your personal data, such as an email address or phone number gets published online. It helps you stay up-to-date on what information people publish about you and whether you need to take action.

9. Yasni

This tool can help you search for a phone number, email address, profession or location of any person. The tool provides news and links about any individual.

10. Naymz

This tool measures and manages your social media reputation. It gives you a score based on how people find you. You can calculate your social media influence, and earn badges/endorsements a way similar to Klout.

What free tools help you manage your personal brand and online reputation?

A version of this article originally appeared on Knowledge Enthusiast.

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