10 fresh vlogging ideas to try

To grab your audience’s attention, shoot a how-to video, attend an event, or answer a slew of frequently asked questions.

10 vlogging ideas

Vlogging is one of the fastest-growing content sharing strategies on the web.

Video blogs are easy to create, and consumers can’t get enough of this highly visual, personal and engaging medium. Nearly half (44%) of all internet users watch a vlog every month—but what makes a good vlog?

It all comes down to creating content that resonates with your audience. If you’re not sure where to start, try these 10 ideas:

1. Do an FAQ video.This tactic can engage new and established subscribers alike, and it’s a smart way to tout the benefits of your product or service.

Simply compile questions that your customers often ask, and answer those queries in a fun yet informative fashion. FAQ-themed vlogs are also tremendous evergreen content.

2. Interview one of your subscribers, colleagues or customers. Not everyone’s keen to be on camera, but many would leap at the opportunity. Seek out charismatic people in your audience (or office), and capture a candid conversation about relevant topics.

3. Try something for the first time. There’s a reason why these sorts of Buzzfeed videos are so popular.

Have someone on your team—preferably an exec or respected leader—attempt something he or she hasn’t done (or eaten) before. You’re guaranteed to get unscripted, candid and possibly hilarious reactions that your viewers will love. Remember, authenticity is a crucial component of any great vlog.

4. Make a tutorial. Instructional how-to videos tend to garner tons of views. Walking your audience through how to do something relevant to their jobs or lives is also a great way to build rapport and demonstrate expertise.

Tutorials can boost your authority and help you become a respected figure in your industry.

5. Talk about something serious. Vlogs need not be limited to lighter fare.

Use your platform to discuss a cause you’re passionate about, or highlight an executive talking about an issue that’s affecting the company. Tackling serious topics via vlogs can be a gamble, but showing honesty, vulnerability and transparency can also make your messaging resonate.

6. Take on a trending challenge. If you do this, make it spontaneous. Keep it light, make it fun, and don’t invest too much time. Social media challenges have a quick expiration date (planking, anyone?), so don’t count on these types of trend-based vlogs having a long shelf life.

7. Attend an event. Take viewers through your preparations, and share some VIP, behind-the-scenes access.

Interview attendees, and capture candid glimpses of your event’s experience. If it’s a company event, share takeaways from keynote speakers and other highlights that might pique interest.

8. Go back in time. If your organization’s been around awhile, you might consider doing a series of vlogs that cover significant moments in your history. If your company’s new on the scene, you could discuss what you or your colleagues were up to 10, 20 or 30 years ago.

Tap into nostalgia to grab your audience’s attention.

9. Make gift suggestions. Gift-giving in the office can be a stressful conundrum.

A lighthearted vlog that shares appropriate workplace gift ideas can become useful content you can share year after year.

10. Listen to your audience. What topics do your audience want to hear about? Which vlog formats do they prefer? Ask for feedback, and tailor your content accordingly.

Whatever you settle on, be authentic, creative and relevant in every vlog you create.

A version of this post first appeared on Business 2 Community.


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