10 gift ideas for the last-minute shopper

Still scrambling for gifts this week? Print out this holiday gift guide before you hit the stores.

I’ve been traveling and speaking so much that I still have most of my side of the family to get. Hope my mom doesn’t mind taking me shopping later this week!

I asked my team for their thoughts on holiday gifts. What came back was a hodgepodge of some inexpensive (and some expensive) gift ideas.

1. K Cup coffee brewer. Early this fall, Crister Delacruz and I were at a meeting where we were offered a shot of espresso. Both espresso snobs, we eyed this K Cup pot the client had with cynicism. He talked us into trying it and the result was something delicious and super easy to make. So, when Molli Megasko had it on her list, I knew it had to be included here. The brewers start at $89 and go up from there.

2. Amazon gift cards. I know some people don’t feel like gift cards are personal enough, but I like them as gifts. Rather than try to guess what your peers, colleagues, or clients like to read, treat them to a gift card so they can choose themselves. If you insist on buying them a book, consider “The Synergist,” “Brand Against the Machine,” “The End of Business As Usual,” “The Like Economy,” “What Would Google Do,” or “Groundswell.” You could also pre-order “Marketing in the Round.” It’s due out in May so it’d be the gift that just keeps giving.

3. GPS system. Some of us have those colleagues who, when we get in the car with them, forget all common sense, not knowing which way is north, or their left from their right. Starting at $70 (and moving up from there), it’s a relatively inexpensive gift for someone who takes your life in their hands.

4. French press. Public relations is the second most stressful job in the United States so it makes sense that something coffee-related ended up on our list twice. Our office likes the French press because it steeps and brews a better cup of coffee. And it’s only $17.

5. iPad. Only half of us in the office have iPads and the other half are insanely jealous. While not something you’re likely to buy just anyone, it’s a great gift idea to show how much you care. It’s cool, hip, and extremely useful. The only thing we don’t like the iPad for is creating content. But everything else? It’s fantastic.

6. Bluetooth iPad keyboard. To go along with the new iPad, buy a bluetooth keyboard. This is a life saver, because it allows you to type as fast as you normally do on your regular computer. If you hurry, it’s on sale for only $30.

7. A tailor. My mom would be very happy to see this on the list. She gets mad when I’m too lazy to have something tailored so it fits a little bit better. And this goes beyond having pants hemmed, but also bringing in suit jackets to fit your waist or shortening sleeves. Give someone the gift of great-fitting clothes.

8. “Unbroken. This book is a story about World War II survivors and Molli Megasko says it’s, hands down, the best book she’s ever read. She said it’s so good it deserved its own category. I haven’t read it yet, but I will.

9. Wireless mouse. With the exception of mid-air on a flight, you can use a wireless mouse anywhere. I have two on my desk, one in my purse, and one in my suitcase. That way, I’m never without the use of a mouse, which makes it easier to do work from Starbucks, a hotel room, or someone’s lobby while you wait for a meeting.

10. Westone headphones. I admit this is a luxury gift idea, but they are so worth the price. These are the earphones I wear when listening to music on the plane so no one will talk to me, and when I ride or cycle. They are much better than Bose earphones, there really is no comparison.

So there you have it. Ten holiday gift ideas that, if you buy now, will still arrive by Christmas.

Gini Dietrich is founder and CEO of Arment Dietrich, Inc. This article first appeared on Spin Sucks.

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