10-point checklist to grow your blog

Blogging entails more than just writing a post and hitting ‘publish.’ Setting objectives and a time frame for achieving them is just the beginning.

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Though the intent of setting goals is always a good one, it’s often easier said than done. Things like life and work get in the way, and even the best-intentioned bloggers can let their goals slide.

It doesn’t need to be this way. As with any commitment, it takes will power and stamina. The good news is that stamina can be replaced by a blog schedule or maintenance calendar.

With that in mind, here are 10 steps to grow your blog.

1. Evaluate your blog. Every blogger has goals when they start out. These vary depending on the blogger. It can be traffic and readers/subscribers, making money, raising awareness of your expertise, or many other reasons.

So check how you’re doing on your goals, and make a list of what you haven’t (yet) achieved.

2. Prioritize your list. Once you have a list drawn up, prioritize.

If there are some that you feel have equal priority, think which one you could leave for another day versus one whose absence really bothers you. Make that your highest priority, or Want.

3. Build a reverse schedule. Now that you have identified your most important Want, build a schedule that defines how you’ll attain it. The most effective is a reverse schedule.

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