10 signs you work in public relations

Tweeting during dates and popping champagne when The New York Times finally calls back? Yep, you’re in PR.

10. During a date you are tweeting a reporter about a new pooper scooper.

9. A TV assignment editor threatens to break your dialing finger if you call again on deadline.

8. You didn’t take a single public relations course before entering the field.

7. Your friends become nauseous when you want to talk about another new media placement.

6. You sent a pitch to editor Jim Harris and realized it was Jill Harrison.

5. You lost a PR job because you told the recruiter that you “like people.”

4. You get excited when anyone at The New York Times takes your call.

3. At 4 a.m. you’re at a TV station for an early morning segment.

2. You have a PR budget that will just about cover a large latte.

1. Your mother still doesn’t understand what you do for a living.

David Brimm is president of BrimmComm Inc.

Topics: PR


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