10 stats that prove the value of SEO

Get your links and keywords ready. You’ll want to fire up your search engine optimization tactics after you read this.

Search engines are a massive opportunity to grow traffic to your site or blog.

Taking advantage of them is as easy as saying “SEO.” SEO stands for search engine optimization.

As corny as that may sound, optimizing blog posts or pages on your site for search engines can have enormous benefits for the visibility of your company.

If you want people to find your company, don’t hide it underneath the billions of other companies, terms, keywords, etc., that people search. There are 2.9 million searches per minute. That’s 175 million searches every hour, 4 billion every day, and 131 billion per month for you to get lost in.

If you enact proper search engine optimization tactics, you can help your company gain greater prominence in search, and ultimately more customers, fans and followers will visit your site.

I can stress the importance of SEO forever (I have once or twice before), but what better way to convince you of its value than some hard numbers?

Here are 10 statistics that prove SEO is a valuable resource to invest in:

1. More than 80 percent (82.6 percent) of Internet users use search. (B2B Social Media Guide)

2. Seventy percent of the links users click during a search are organic. (Search Engine Journal)

3. Seventy-five percent of users never scroll past the first page of search results. (Hubspot)

4. Eighty percent of search engine users say they occasionally/rarely/never click on sponsored search results. (SEO Peace)

5. More than 90 percent (93 percent) of online experiences begin with a search engine. (Rainbow SEO)

6. Search is the No. 1 traffic driver to sites, beating social media by 300 percent. (B2B Social Media Guide)

7. For Google, 18 percent of organic clicks go to the No. 1 position, 10 percent go to the No. 2 position, and 7 percent go to the No. 3 position. (SEO Peace)

8. Forty-two percent of all searchers click on the top-ranked result. Only 23 percent click a pay-per-click (PPC) link. (BloggingPro)

9. Almost 40 percent (39 percent) of customers come from search. (B2B Social Media Guide)

10. Fifty percent of consumers are more likely to click on a search result if the brand appears multiple times on the results page. (Brafton)

Has your company experienced any of these benefits from SEO?

Jackie Roy is a digital content associate at TMG Custom Media. A version of this article first appeared on Engage.

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