10 things PR pros do right

It’s popular to point out what industry professionals do poorly. How about trying the opposite approach?

We always hear about the things public relations pros are doing wrong. But what about all the stuff they’re doing right? Why don’t we hear about that?

Here are 10 things you’re doing right as a PR pro.

1. Social media. When the social media train rolled by, you grabbed a ticket. While others saw it as a silly trend, you knew that soon talking to customers and clients on Facebook and Twitter would be the norm—and you were right!

2. Making friends. Instead of just seeing everyone as a potential client, you’re actually treating people like they’re human beings. This includes speaking to them and actually making friends instead of just customer contacts.

3. Have clear goals. You were never one for wandering around in the dark. You prefer to set a clear path for your PR campaign and stick to it. Every time you accomplish a step, it’s no surprise, because you carefully planned it out.

4. You roll with the punches. When things go awry, you don’t freak out. You simply roll with the punches and figure something out. Having a clear head and an ability to think on your feet will give you a head start when you need to fix your campaign.

5. Read up on new tech. The landscape of PR is constantly evolving, and you make sure to keep up with it. When news of a trend hits, you’re all over it. Staying ahead of the curve keeps you relevant and fresh.

6. You focus your attack. Instead of trying to land every potential customer in the world with your campaign, you focus on key groups that are most likely to pay attention.

7. Work with journalists. You know that sending out random press releases isn’t the way to go. Instead, you befriend journalists and offer your services to make yourself indispensable. This means reporters call you instead of the other way around.

8. Stay chipper. Even on your worst day, you keep a big smile on your face. Why do you do this? Because you know that clients can hear it in your voice, even if you’re on the phone. Heck, they can probably hear it in your emails, so you don’t risk it.

9. Develop a brand. One major thing you’ve learned is that you’re never just developing a PR campaign; you’re developing a brand. You know that companies such as Coca-Cola and Microsoft have flourished not simply because of their products, but because they’ve developed a brand around their products.

10. Never stop networking.
You don’t amass a giant list of contacts and then stop—you keep networking until you just can’t network anymore. Then you network some more. When a career is all about who you know, failing to meet new people can mean death.

This article previously appeared in PR Fuel, a service of eReleases.com Press Release Distribution.

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