10 tips for a killer content campaign

Is your pushy ‘me, me, me’ marketing failing to bring results? Cull more promising leads through better content. You’ll build a partnership valuable to both parties.

10 content marketing tips

There’s a reason everybody’s talking about storytelling and narrative these days.

You can use hard-sell tactics all day long in your copy, but your audience is likely to slip away like vacationers tricked into attending a time-share presentation.

A new Ragan tip sheet, “10 ways to spin content marketing leads into gold,” offers ways to use content for business ends without sending your audience stampeding for the exits.

Potential customers want to know how an organization similar to theirs solved a problem that your product addresses, says Barry Canty, vice president of marketing at SpeachMe.

“I don’t believe in the hard sell when it comes to creating content,” Canty says. “That’s why I believe case studies are the ultimate content type.”

Canty notes that SpeachMe has produced case studies on how SpeachMe has worked with businesses such as Airbus, the online carpool startup BlaBla Car, and Air Liquide, a leader in gases, technologies and services for industry and health care.

A different type of lead

Traditional advertising and marketing have their places, says Mark Emmons, storyteller at Dynamic Signal. Yet there is a different value in leads derived from content consumption.

“I’ve also become a big believer in the idea that not all leads are created equal,” Emmons says. “Certainly, there’s a light-year difference between somebody clicking on a website and somebody having a long discussion with you.”

Quoting sources from PoliteMail, Dynamic Signal and SpeachMe, the tip sheet offers ideas for starting your own content campaign.

Move away from marketing-speak; instead, provide white papers, webinars, videos and other content that customers and others are eager to consume.

In this free download, you will learn about:

  • Content that helps your prospects do their jobs better. They’ll listen if you offer ways you can help them, not try to sell to them.
  • The power of case studies to successfully reach people. This helps potential customers conceptualize what you can do for them.
  • The two-pronged approach to a drip campaign. Think quick response and long-term follow-up.
  • Producing a library of content—and segmenting your database. Maintain the cadences of your content to reach the right audience.
  • Establishing authenticity. Nobody likes a phony.
  • The role played by interactivity and personalization. Allow customers to “choose their own adventure.”
  • The problem with pleading for leads. Exchange valuable data instead.
  • Communicating with your sales team. If you don’t transmit the data to sales, what’s the point?
  • Distribution tips. You can’t just sit back and wait for readers or viewers to find your content.
  • Focusing on the long game. It’s a matter of strategy.

Download your free guide here.


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