10 tips for LinkedIn publishing

Numbers don’t lie. Here’s what they say about what works when you publish on LinkedIn.

I’ve seem to be finding more and more valuable content that’s published directly on LinkedIn. The site itself is putting a bigger emphasis on becoming a content publisher.

That means as content creators we should understand the best ways to create content on the site itself.

An OKDork and Search Wilderness study, published at TopDogMedia, took a look at 3,000 of the highest performing pieces of content published on LinkedIn. The results are pretty interesting.

Contrary to what we’ve all learned and been told about most content on the web, longer is better in LinkedIn publishing, with 1,900-2,000-word posts outperforming shorter content. Thursdays are the best days to publish and you should keep your headlines between 40-49 characters.

For more LinkedIn publishing tips, check out the infographic below:


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