10 types of PR pros based on ‘Star Wars’ characters

Are you a risk taker like Han Solo—or a storyteller, like Yoda? Here’s a rundown of several kinds of communicators inspired by intergalactic favorites.

The excitement for “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” is palpable.

It’s been more than 40 years since Mark Hamill first graced movie screens as Luke Skywalker, and many people are clamoring to see the Jedi suit up again in Disney’s most recent installment. Deadline reported that the film could close its worldwide box office opening by making up to $440 million.

In honor of the franchise—and to celebrate the Force—here are 10 types of PR pros, explained using “Star Wars” characters:

1. The leader: Leia Organa


Whether it’s an organization or a client, you’ve got an alliance to protect—and you take your role seriously. You are decisive and help your team (or rebel army) craft engaging campaigns and tight PR copy. You’re the one to take responsibility when PR messages go south, so you ensure that you’re prepared for anything and set clear goals and rules to help your team succeed.

2. The risk taker: Han Solo


You’re a PR pro who knows that taking risks is the way to stand out from the crowd and potentially win media coverage and consumers’ attention with a unique PR campaign or snarky social media messages. That attitude can get you into controversy (as when Han shot Greedo first), so you’re always prepared for a crisis.

3. The introvert: Luke Skywalker or Rey


You might have grown to appreciate solace more (à la Luke) or maybe you have become more extroverted when your responsibilities have forced you into the spotlight (Rey), but you definitely need time to recharge after being “on” all day and working with others. Though some might think you don’t belong in PR, you make a great communicator because of your keen observations and listening skills. You just prioritize your socializing.

4. The analyst: BB-8, R2-D2 or C-3PO


When it comes to measurement, you are the droids PR pros are looking for. You have a keen eye for metrics, and can recognize which analytics can reveal if your efforts are boosting your organization’s bottom line—and which are just for show. You stay up to date on the newest measurement trends and tools to collect data on your audience before you launch a campaign, and you’re the person everyone turns to for effective evaluation metrics and to prove ROI.

5. The storyteller: Yoda


You’re a communicator who sees the big picture, and can share that vision with others. A master storyteller, you craft tales that grab audiences’ attention and evoke powerful emotions. You’re instinctively able to pick out the hero (or Jedi) of any story, which is helpful when you want to identify an organization’s champions for press releases, social media posts and more.

6. The creative: Poe Dameron or Cassian Andor


Just as rebel pilots have to think on their feet, you’re a PR pro who can quickly come up with ideas and new ways to approach an old problem. You excel in a brainstorming meeting or when crafting content, because you can always come up with a different angle to tell your organization’s story.

7. The ambitious one: Kylo-Ren or Darth Vader


You’re a communicator who rises through the ranks quickly and with your eyes set on nothing lower than the very top—whether that’s an executive position or winner of a coveted PR award. Though ambition isn’t a bad thing, you should take care to not let your love of power and control cloud your judgement and use unethical tactics to achieve your goals.

8. The teacher: Obi-Wan Kenobi


You’re a veteran PR pro, and with many years of experience under your belt, you have many insights to share with younger and greener communicators. You might be an adjunct professor or speaker, or you might simply participate in PRSA activities and submit the occasional guest post, but you’re not stingy about sharing your expertise and knowledge about past and upcoming industry trends.

9. The digital native: Finn


You’ve grown up using mobile devices and social media, so you know your way around the digital communications landscape. Unlike some millennials (Stormtroopers) who understand technology but lack context and vision, you’re able to cut through the noise to capture consumers’ attention online and explain to executives and clients why a certain tactic or tool is the best way to meet your goals and complement other PR and marketing efforts.

10. The networker: Chewbacca


Though not a furry wookiee, you take after Chewy with your fierce loyalty to your friends and associates, which makes you a person well-known in many circles. You’re quick to attend an event or meeting where you can expand your network and rub shoulders with journalists, fellow PR pros and potential clients (or rebels). It helps that you’re charming, offer your assistance and can make people smile.

Ragan/PR Daily readers, which character are you? Are there any we missed? Let us know in the comments below (or just keep it to yourself, nerd).

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