10 ways body language can help you succeed

Beyond its effect on others, your demeanor and gestures can help you learn, innovate, even solve vexing problems. Oh, and enjoy a piece of gum while you’re at it.

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You control your body, but your body also controls you. Simple gestures, simple postures—each makes a dramatic impact on how you think, feel and perform.

That doesn’t mean you have to be an athlete or yogi or contortionist to take advantage of that. You can still be you.

Only now you can be a better you.

Here are 10 cool ways:

1. Lie down, be more creative

According to Australia National University professor Dr. Darren Lipnicki, lying down can lead to creative breakthroughs.

“It might be that we have our most creative thoughts while flat on our back,” he says. One reason might be that more of the chemical noradrenaline is released while we’re standing, and noradrenaline could inhibit our ability to think creatively.

Now you have a great excuse to lie back and think.

2. Cross your arms, be more determined

Oddly enough, crossing your arms will make you stick with an “unsolvable” problem a lot longer and will make you perform better on solvable problems.

That’s definitely cool, because persistence is a trait most successful entrepreneurs need in abundance.

Whenever you feel stuck, try folding your arms against your torso. Then keep pushing ahead.

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