10 ways to combat Twitter block

How to stay visible without driving yourself insane.

You’ve decided to use Twitter as one of your content marketing tools. You have a respectable following, engage with your followers, send out a steady stream of diverse original content and retweets, and occasionally attend a Twitter chat. Everything is good, until … Twitter block!

It’s similar to writer’s block, except in 140 characters. You see, if you aren’t contributing a reasonable number of tweets throughout the day, you won’t be seen in your followers’ streams.

The average lifespan of a tweet is supposedly only one hour, according to ReadWriteWeb. That means you need to space out your tweets in order to keep your voice “in the stream.” I believe that the optimum number of tweets per day is somewhere around five to 10 for the normal user.

Here are 10 solid tips on how to stay visible without driving yourself insane.

1. Tweet an important piece of content two to three times a day, at different times. Change the wording to keep it fresh.

2. Use a scheduling app like Buffer or Crowdbooster to space out your tweets, as long as you’re available to reply to people who respond to your content.

3. Look for five people who recently retweeted you, and retweet something of theirs that you think will resonate with your followers.

4. Take a pretty picture and add a relevant comment.

5. Find five people who follow you who you haven’t directly engaged with yet, read their bio and/or website, and mention them with a comment or compliment.

6. Use the “OH” tag to tweet something interesting you heard someone else say in real life.

7. Don’t resort to quotes all the time. But if you’re reading something interesting on your Kindle app, highlight a great phrase and tweet it using the integrated share tool.

8. Ask a question. It could be something industry specific, or as mundane as “what should I watch on Netflix?”

9. What big project are you working on? Can you “leak” out a tidbit as a teaser? People love to be on the inside, behind the scenes.

10. Do a series of tweets that are related. Christopher Penn does “#the5” which is the five things you need to know that day. Could you do three tips for starting your day happy? Perhaps a series of 10 great blog links?

Where do you find great stuff to share with your connections? Have you ever felt Twitter block?

Rosemary O’Neill works for Social Strata. A version of this article originally appeared on Successful Blog.

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