12 most applicable laws for the online pro

Contracts and copyrights are business essentials, of course, but if you hold a contest on social media, you could be on thin ice. Read on (including the fine print)…

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As businesspeople and citizens, we are subject to a host of laws and legal guidelines—whether we want to be or not.

Selective or random enforcement of laws is also a real fact. However, as anyone knows who’s been stopped for speeding while other cars passed you by, “but they’re doing it, too,” is never a good defense.

At the same time, thinking you can individually opt out of a law as if it’s some new TOS update isn’t going to serve you well, either. Knowing the laws that affect you is the first step to making sure you raise the bar, not only for yourself and your business, but for your competition as well.

These 12 applicable laws for the online pro will certainly help keep you on track:

1. Freedom of Information Act

The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) gives any person the right to access records from a U.S. governmental agency. How much time it will take to get the records you want will vary by agency, and often there is a fee associated with obtaining these records. Keep in mind, too, that not every bit of information is accessible, so be aware of the nine exemptions and three exclusions that may prevent your access.

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