12 signs you are a tech dinosaur

If any of these sound familiar, you’re overdue for an upgrade.

We all know someone who may be a little slow to adapt to the latest technology trends. Here are 12 signs that this could be you.

1. Your browser of choice is the original Internet Explorer.

2. Your PC runs on the Windows Millennium Edition operating software.

3. All your email accounts are with AOL or Hotmail.

4. The only social media site you’re on is Friendster. You check it every day, and you wonder why no one writes you back.

5. You still use “shorthand.”

6. Your latest tech purchase was a Palm Pilot.

7. Your idea of a “check in” is driving to your neighbor’s house and ringing the doorbell.

8. Your cell phone has an antenna. It can do two things: make calls and turn on/off.

9. Anytime someone uses the phone at your place, you lose your Internet connection.

10. The idea of video chatting is foreign to you. You have no idea what a webcam is, let alone how to install or use it.

11. You own and actively use a fax machine.

12. Your computer has a floppy disc drive, which you still use.

Jessica Malnik is a PR/marketing coordinator, social media specialist and videographer. She writes on her personal blog, where a version of this article originally ran.

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