13 ways to spot a PR pro

Compulsive phone checking? Check. Know more reporters than friends? Check. Constantly on social media? Check. And the list goes on.

Do you sometimes feel like you have “I’m in PR” tattooed on your forehead?

If you think about it, it’s pretty easy to spot a PR pro. If you’re ever in doubt, here are 13 surefire ways to tell whether someone works in public relations.

1. They have more reporters’ and clients’ numbers in their phone than numbers of friends.

2. They have a wad of newspapers and magazines ranging from Rod & Reel to the Financial Times poking out of their work bag.

3. They have a signature on every email and device so they can be easily reached at any moment’s notice, and their biggest pet peeve is when someone else doesn’t.

4. They suffer from “holiday panic” in July.

5. They work investment banker hours but can only afford to shop at Target and Loehmann’s.

6. They plan their lives in .25 increments.

7. They have more conversations with friends and family through social media than by phone or in person.

8. They check their phone every 20 seconds—so, slightly more often than the average person.

9. They manage the people in their lives like their clients.

10. When you’re watching a news program with them, rather than commenting on the news, they comment on how brilliant a stunt was.

11. Their midnight calls aren’t booty calls, but company crisis alerts.

12. They’re either groaning and moaning when reading the paper on the bus—mainly due to stories their clients weren’t part of—or throwing their hands in the air and squealing about a stellar placement.

13. They insist they’re going to do something else with their lives—but never end up changing careers.

Any to add?

Jennifer Nichols is co-founder and CEO of FlackList, where media can easily search, source, connect and maintain relationships with PR reps and experts within a social network setting.A version of this story first appeared on the company’s blog.

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