16 things communicators need to trash

From banalities to euphemisms to flat-out rudeness, these transgressions belong in the waste heap. They’re not fit for composting.

1. Human capital. Did aliens just colonize Earth and declare people their slaves?

2. Leverage. The “Do you want fries with that?” of corporate-speak.

3. Target audience. This must be the sharpshooter’s approach to broadcasting messages at a coveted group of people who get caught in the crosshairs.

4. ROI. A highly overused term intended to impress clients by suggesting knowledge about strategic measurement instead of saying, “Here’s how much money you made.”

5. C-level or C-suite. Does using the letter C instead of A make senior execs seem like one of the regular “peeps”?

6. Automated Twitter messages that say, “Thanks for the follow!” Golly, gee—you betcha!

7. Talking head videos. I might watch your mouth move and hear some words, but I’m really paying attention to what’s behind you, how messy your desk is, or how tinny and hollow your voice sounds.

8. Must read. Stop the presses.

9. “Let’s have lunch some time.” a.k.a. “Don’t call us, we’ll call you.”

10. An “opportunity.” That means we really need to fix something wrong.

11. A “challenge” instead of calling it what it is—a problem.

12. Chief [insert either department function or uber hip made-up function name here] Officer

13. Emails or voicemails met with silence. Sadly, rudeness seems more common these days. True, people are busier than ever, but what ever happened to manners?

14. It is what it is. What the? Why is this suddenly used by everyone and their uncle as an explanation?

15. 23 or [insert crazy number here] tips to succeed in all things social media. How about 50 ways to turn me away from your blog?

16. LinkedIn profiles stating you’re a “seasoned professional. Hopefully, you’re not too sweet or salty.

Loren Yaskin is founder of The Flip Side Communications, an internal and external media company in Scottsdale, Ariz. A version of this article first appeared on The Flip Side Communications’ blog.

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