18 free social media analytics tools

When budget allocations are at a premium (and when aren’t they?) metrics are crucial. Here are some terrific online helpers.

Where do you turn for meaningful stats on your social media marketing?

I’m grateful for the insight from some truly incredible tools that help make sense of the actions I take on social media. How have my followers grown this month? Which posts seem to perform best? Which times make the most sense for posting?

The answers are out there, and there are tools to help you find them. I’ve collected a bunch of my favorites here in this post. Give them a try, and see what might prove helpful.

1. Buffer

With Buffer‘s free plan, you get all the major engagement stats for every update you post on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. My favorite feature-and one I’m always stoked to see-is the Top Tweet/Top Post badge that pops up when an update goes above and beyond average performance.

2. Followerwonk

One of our favorite Twitter tools, Followerwonk shows you detailed breakdowns of your followers and activity. Click on the Analytics tab, enter a Twitter username (either yours or someone else’s), and view information on followers and following. See such stats as when your followers are online, when you typically post, and how your followers fall into categories such as social authority, activity, total tweets and follower count.

3. ViralWoot

This Pinterest tool helps with much beyond analytics. You can schedule pins, promote pins and gain new followers. The analytics on the free plan show you new followers, new repins and new “likes,” and paid users can receive pin alerts when content from your website gets pinned.

4. Iconosquare

A complete Instagram management tool, Iconosquare includes a user-friendly Instagram analytics section that shows big-picture views of posts, “likes,” comments and followers, as well as breakdowns for the previous seven days or month, plus scores for love (the “likes” on your photos), talk (the comments on your photos) and reach (how many “likes” come from people other than your followers).

From the main analytics dashboard, you can click to receive (via email) a summary snapshot of your main stats.

5. Collecto

Another spot for Instagram stats, Collecto offers an overview of the main engagement stats for your account plus a quick view of your most “liked,” most commented on and most popular photos of all time.

6. Google Analytics

The No. 1 use for Google Analytics is analyzing website traffic. As part of the analysis, you can dig into the referral stats on your social media marketing. Click through to Acquisition > Social, and you can check out how many visits your site receives through each of the major social media networks. If you choose to add goals to your Google Analytics tracking, you can see the direct impact of social media on the goals and paths as well.

7. SumAll

The analytics at SumAll come from a huge number of assorted, connected apps. You can wire up your major social media accounts—Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and more—and SumAll will send out a daily or weekly email with insights on how things have changed day to day and week to week. All the info is saved to a dashboard, too, for easy viewing any time.

8. Quintly

Free plans on Quintly let you access analytics for up to three Facebook pages, offering stats on the main engagement metrics (“likes,” comments, shares) plus stats on follower growth. When you add multiple pages, you can see at a glance how the pages compare/contrast on the graphs.

9. Cyfe

The robust features at Cyfe enable you to create a custom dashboard filled with stats from dozens of marketing tools. Its social media section lets you sync up all the major networks and pull overview reports or individual reports for the accounts you manage and the accounts you want to follow.

10. Tailwind

Another Pinterest-only tool, Tailwind helps with optimization and scheduling of pins, and it gives you keen insights into both your Pinterest profile and the Pinterest popularity of your website. Check out how many times content from your blog has been shared on Pinterest, and see which of your boards is most popular with followers.

11. Beevolve

The free plan at Beevolve helps you create and send social media messages with direct tracking on the dollars-and-cents ROI. Tell Beevolve how much it will cost to create your content and how much you expect to receive per visitor, and Beevolve will handle the rest-sending the message, analyzing the response and emailing you the report.

12. Keyhole

For hashtag campaign tracking, Keyhole offers a wealth of statistics that can help you sort the popularity and success of a branded hashtag (or any other hashtag you choose). You can save a hashtag search so you can quickly and easily refer to it later.

13. Klout

Working with your profiles and pages across the major social channels, Klout puts together a score from 0 to 100 on your influence on social media. One interesting aspect of the score is how the contributions break down across your various connected networks. With this, you can see which networks are making the biggest impact for you.

14. Riffle

The Riffle browser extension adds an overlay to the Twitter profiles you visit, showing stats such as retweets per tweet and favorites per tweet as well as info on the top hashtags, mentions and URLs that appear in one’s Twitter timeline.

15. MyTopTweet

A quick and easy Twitter analytics tool, MyTopTweet (from the creators of Riffle) shows you the top 10 tweets for any Twitter user you wish. The Top 10 is ranked according to number of retweets. It’s quite useful to see your own top tweets as well as the content that has done well for others.

16. SocialBro

A comprehensive Twitter management tool, SocialBro offers a free plan for Twitter users with fewer than 5,000 contacts. With SocialBro insights, you can receive a report on the best time to tweet, as well as community insights into the demographics of your followers. Paid plans offer further features, including expanded analytics.

17. TweetReach

Type in any keyword, hashtag or username, and TweetReach will return a snapshot of analytics on your search, including charts and graphs for reach, exposure, activity and contributors. It’s useful for checking mentions of your Twitter username and tracking branded hashtags and industry keywords.

18. WolframAlpha Facebook Report

A fun tool built by the team behind the Wolfram Alpha search engine, the Wolfram Alpha Facebook Analyzer shows you all sorts of fun and useful demographic information for your Facebook profile.

Kevan Lee is the content crafter at Buffer. A version of this article first appeared on Buffer’s blog.

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