20 names for newborns of communications pros

Wondering what to name your baby? See what social media and the AP Stylebook can inspire.

We’ve got two pregnant ladies at Ragan Communications.

One is having a boy; the other is having a girl.

Neither has a name picked out yet. They both sent out companywide emails, asking for suggestions.

Well, they’re working for the right company. If you’re a communications, PR, or journalism junkie, here are 20 possible names for your newborn:


Oxford: Like the comma, only this child will be more regal.

AP: Forget AJ, PJ, or JR. Let’s honor the “journalist’s bible.” Hey, it’s better than ROI.

Dash: This kid is never going to sit still.

Slash: Tell all your friends he’s your “sweet child o’ mine.”

Umlaut: Perfect if you’ve got some German heritage.

Lede: Ideal name for your first-born, but the only problem is that people might spell it “lead.”

Zuck: Boys are named after presidents (see: Jackson and Harrison), so why not start a trend and name your little one after the founder of Facebook?

Mash: I see this little guy starting a rave from his crib.

Buzz: Like Aldrin and Lightyear, he’ll forge his way into new online frontiers.

Gram: This is a good one, especially if your spouse is a science nerd.


English: Classy and dignified. Much better than Telecommunications.

Paige: For moms who can’t stop reading “What to Expect When You’re Expecting.”

Twitty: A modern version of the ’60s supermodel Twiggy.

Tera: Add a spelling twist to the more common name, Tara. Only word freaks will understand.

Chatt: With a French-sounding name like this, don’t forget to buy her a baby beret.

Cher (Share): She’s the ideal child when it comes to playing with toys, especially musical ones.

Wiki: A name that could beget a career as a spy or simply the self-assurance that she knows everything.

Pin: She’s a crafty kid. Get ready for lots of trips to Jo-Ann Fabrics.

Tilde: Like the actress Tilda Swinton, sort of. Careful, she might grow up to be hyper-diacritical.

Snap: Catchy name, but her attention span might last less than 10 seconds.

Have any others to add to the list? And don’t worry: I’ve already thought of names if there happen to be twins: Hash and Tag. Sorry. I couldn’t resist.

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