24 professional success stories from LinkedIn

If you’re skeptical LinkedIn can help you, these real-life examples will prove you wrong.

1. Frank Coletta, CEO at Mobile Advanced Care in Brazil, uses LinkedIn to research professionals before he meets with them. He uncovers important insights about them he wouldn’t have known otherwise.

2. James Filbird is the owner of JMF International Trade Group . Filbird used LinkedIn to grow his company to $5 million in annual revenue and finds 75 percent of his business via LinkedIn. He used the site to meet and maintain relationships with like-minded professionals. Using LinkedIn to develop his network consistently leads to new business opportunities for his American-owned, China-based consulting firm.

3. Evan Gotlib found his dream job on LinkedIn. For fun, he did a random search for “advertising sales director.” A position at TravelZoo popped up. After receiving the job, Gotlib was back in an industry he loves, mainly due to his LinkedIn profile.

4. Nikhita Arora, a business executive at Madison Outdoor Media, maintained an updated profile on LinkedIn and used it to network with mentors from the industry, alumni and other professionals. A recruiter viewed her profile and called her for an interview. Within 24 hours of the interview, Arora had the job. She now uses her profile to initiate business meetings with contacts she’s made online.

5. Brett McGrath started IndiEngage at the beginning of October, intending to break down all the silos that exist within the live music experience. LinkedIn is valuable to McGrath because it enables him to generate buzz before the product is launched. It is a free relationship management, marketing and networking tool. He uses it as his digital rolodex.

6. Kristina Allen is the marketing manager at Nimble. She ran a LinkedIn ad campaign to drive more interaction and leads for her company. To get high conversion rates, she created a landing page for each ad campaign with a matching message. She included a call to action in the last sentence of the ad and optimized the landing page for conversion.

7. Peter Taliangis is a real estate agent at Realty 1. He used LinkedIn to sell a $300,000 home in western Australia after a prospective buyer approached him on LinkedIn. He closed the deal before the official inspection even took place.

8. Heidi Cool, owner of Heidi Cool Consulting, used LinkedIn questions and answers. By providing excellent answers, she built visibility and credibility for her business, higher quality traffic to her website, and more leads.

9. Ken Nussbaum is a CPA and consultant at K. Nussbaum & Associates. He used LinkedIn to market and build his network. In addition to being an active member in a multitude of LinkedIn groups, Nussbaum has numerous recommendations on his profile. Recommendations from clients and professional colleagues are a contributing factor in creating new relationships, strengthening existing relationships, and drawing the attention of individuals seeking his professional services.

10. Uriel Alvarado is the head of marketing for the Latin region of Saxo Bank. Alvarado has been part of LinkedIn from the beginning. He experienced the network as a post-grad student, a businessman with personal projects, and now in his current role. As a student, he actively participated in discussion forums and used the network to look for work and academics with an interest in his field. As a businessman, LinkedIn helped him build his network internationally to include suppliers, partners and sales leads.

11. Kevin L. Nichols is president and CEO of KLN Publishing LLC and president of KLN Consulting Group. Nichols uses his affiliations in various LinkedIn groups to create leads. He uses LinkedIn Events to organize professional mixers so he can introduce his target market to his services. Nichols has succeeded in using his LinkedIn status updates to draw traffic to his website and allow potential clients to find him on the Internet.

12. Carlos Victor Costa is manager at Llorente&Cuenca. When he needed a job to secure residency and relocate his family from Brazil to Spain, Costa and his wife used LinkedIn to discover job opportunities. They eventually landed positions with a communications company and an IT company, respectively.

13. Ed Campana uses LinkedIn to show recruiters how they can earn credibility with hiring managers by illustrating the data behind their searches. While hiring managers make their candidate demands known, it can be helpful to educate the hiring manager on the supply side of the equation.

14. Davina Brewer, principal at 3Hats Communications, used LinkedIn and a blog post to get a speaking engagement. The story goes that she cross-posted her blog to Twitter and to the SoloPR group on LinkedIn. She figured the audience would identify with her thoughts. After syncing the blog post, she landed a speaking engagement.

15. Barbara Maldonado used LinkedIn to land her current job as business development director for Marketing Resources Incorporated. Her strategy was to participate in group discussions. It didn’t take long for someone in her network to help her land a job three months later.

16. Rachel Kerstetter used LinkedIn after she interned at a public relations agency during her last semester of college. The firm wasn’t hiring when she graduated, but many of the people she worked with offered to be job references for her. She asked them to write recommendations for her on LinkedIn.

Two months after she finished interning at the agency, she got an email from one of the vice presidents she worked with. He asked her to call him because someone found her on LinkedIn and wanted to interview her.

17. The EyeWorks placed a marketing advertisement on LinkedIn. The company was skeptical at first, but received a solid lead a week later. Although it used a free trial to post the advertisement, the company was happy with the results. The Eyeworks is now looking at ways to improve its advertisements on LinkedIn for the future.

18. The chief scientist at Endeca found success with LinkedIn’s search feature. He helped organize people who had a strong interest in the topics for an event. After conducting a search on LinkedIn, he sent personalized connection requests to 100 people. More than half accepted the connection. Some of these connections submitted papers to the workshop, one volunteered to review the book he was working on, and others were glad to find a connection based on their interests.

19. Deepak Srinath and Uday Disley are co-founders and directors at Viedea Capital Advisors. They used LinkedIn Connections to connect with potential investors in Europe for a Mumbai-based digital firm. Even today, most of their business development takes place through the strong LinkedIn network they developed.

20. David T. Stevens is an event manager executive at streamlineevents. Within two weeks, Stevens used his LinkedIn connections to land a job at the company.

21. Andrew Kable is director and owner of H2Otalent. After having difficulty finding candidates through job boards, he used LinkedIn to identify professionals in his network who possessed the skills required in the water sector. Kable found major success in using LinkedIn for recruiting.

22. Avinash Raghava is the regional director of the northern region at NASSCOM. Raghava created the NASSCOM EMERGE Forum on LinkedIn Groups to engage with delegates. The forum has many active discussions on industry issues and best practices. It also enables fellow delegates to post trade leads and build partnerships. NASSCOM wants to convert these discussions into actual panel topics.

23. Paul Noon is director of trade and investment Australia at UK Trade & Investment. He participates in the “UK Professionals in Australia” LinkedIn group for updates about trade and investment news and policy and industry developments. Noon also uses LinkedIn Answers to post questions about queries he receives, and uses polls to gauge feedback from the business community to key UK-Australia policy developments.

24. Krishna De found that developing a comprehensive profile and sharing content as status updates enhances her online visibility with her LinkedIn network. This has resulted in business opportunities and leads.

For example, a colleague De used to work with in the Netherlands is now in a senior role for a global consumer goods company in the United States. De is in Ireland. The colleague saw the content De shared on LinkedIn, and encouraged her company to contact her to support the company with a business challenge.

Despite the fact that the company could have worked with someone who was closer geographically, the strong ties and business relationship De and her colleague had combined, with the visibility on LinkedIn, resulted in a great business opportunity.

Kyle Lacy is a digital marketing and social media consultant who focuses on executive and team development. A version of this article originally ran on KyleLacy.com.


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