25 words that are difficult to spell

Do any of these words make you stop and wonder whether you’re spelling them correctly? Or are you an ‘aficionado’ with ‘finesse’?

I’ve been writing professionally for more than 15 years (starting when I was 10 years old, of course), but I still struggle with certain basic aspects of putting words into Word. I still edit while I write. I don’t take breaks when I need to. I sometimes get too hung up on following the style guide.

This week, I’ve been struggling with spelling. There are certain words that I always look up in the dictionary. No matter how many times I write them, I can’t remember how to spell them. Maybe I should try writing these 10 times each:

1. acquiesce
2. aficionado
3. contemporaneously
4. desiccation
5. diarrhea
6. egalitarian
7. finesse
8. fortuitous
9. gallivant
10. glycerin
11. handkerchief
12. heinous
13. hindrance
14. hors d’oeuvre
15. idiosyncrasy
16. inoculate
17. initiative
18. maneuver
19. millennial
20. minuscule
21. paraphernalia
22. pastime
23. prerogative
24. renege
25. subterfuge

Ragan readers, what are words that give you grief every time you try to write them out?

Laura Hale Brockway is an Austin-based writer and editor and a regular contributor to PR Daily. Read more of her work at impertinentremarks.com.

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