3 easy LinkedIn profile tips to get you noticed

These tactics will drive traffic to your profile, then make a solid impact once people get there.

With many credible business professionals becoming more open and engaged in social media, LinkedIn has long been the essential tool when professionalism is a priority.

It’s obvious that the conversations on LinkedIn have a more distinct professional tone, but getting found by the right people remains a big hurdle for even the more marketing-savvy entrepreneurs.

Implementing every LinkedIn profile tip mentioned here should dramatically increase your results and propel you to the top of LinkedIn search results for your relevant keywords.

1. Create an attractive headline

Your headline acts as your opening pitch to compel potential prospects to read your profile and establish whether you can help them reach their goals. Like a great song on the radio, it can’t waste any time to hook you in!

Consider these three key questions when creating the perfect headline:

  1. Does your headline stand out from your competitors’? Odds are that they will show up in the search results, too, so make sure you catch people’s attention faster.
  2. Can your ideal client quickly establish that you offer what they’re looking for? (Think keywords.)
  3. Does your headline highlight your credibility? Don’t be afraid to introduce yourself in the same manner a respected publication would (e.g. Michael Jordan, Time magazine’s Man of the Year).

2. Use the right keywords.

Always use every character available when writing your profile. The more relevant keywords you can pack into your profile, the better. Search engines tend to prefer higher word count with many appropriate keywords.

Maximum characters available by profile section:

Headline — 120 characters
Status field — 140 characters
Summary — 2,000 characters
Specialties — 500 characters
Company name and position (job) title — 100 characters
Position Description — 2,000 characters
Interests — 1,000 characters

In your quest for character quantity, do not forget about the quality. When I say quality, I mean writing content that engages your target audience, while being keyword-rich. Your keywords should be the terms you want to be found for. Think about the specific terms that your target audience uses to find professionals like you.

I’ve optimized my profile for terms like social media trainer, social media speaker, and social media consultant. Avoid using keywords like owner or CEO for the simple reason that no one searches for that.

3. Add a video to your profile.

You can add a video to your LinkedIn profile via the SlideShare app and Google Docs. A study done by Forbes found that 65 percent of C-suite executives report visiting a vendor’s website after watching its online video. That’s a significant number in the online world. So, take advantage of video’s power when you have so many professionals and qualified leads viewing your LinkedIn profile.

A great video on your profile can:

  • Make your profile more memorable
  • Provide a striking first impression of you
  • Give you an effective way to show your skills
  • Connectsyou with readers on a more personal level

For a detailed tutorial and walk-through on how to add a video to your LinkedIn profile, click here.

Melonie Dodaro works at Top Dog Social Media where a version of this article first appeared.

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