3 easy ways PR pros should use YouTube

From video pitches to a personal crisis response, YouTube can help you woo customers and the media.

Video has become more important than ever to business marketing.

Thanks to social video-sharing websites—namely YouTube—we are no longer forced to pay big advertising dollars to put commercials on TV. Instead, small businesses can produce their own commercials at a low cost, post them online for free, and market them in an attempt to build their followings.

There’s no doubt about it: YouTube is evening out the playing field for companies of all sizes.

That said, it’s important to note YouTube is not simply a place to post commercials and pull in business. In fact, it’s useful for a variety of endeavors. Most importantly, it has proven to be an easy-to-use tool for PR. However, many people don’t use it that way.

For some it’s because the idea of creating videos is still a bit foreign, if not downright scary. Others simply can’t figure out how the social network could be useful for PR. Either way, it doesn’t change the fact that short of face-to-face contact, nothing is more personal than a video.

Whatever your reason for not tapping into this 21st century PR machine, I’ve put together a brief list of YouTube tips you can use right now:

1. Respond to a crisis. While you hopefully never have to respond to a crisis, odds are your business could face one at some point. What qualifies as a crisis? I’ll define it as any situation that brings your company negative press. As you can imagine, the severity of a crisis could vary widely.

Say someone accuses one of your employees of a heinous crime. You could create a video message to address the issue rather than hide and hope it goes away. The personal response could build goodwill with your customers.

2. Contact and connect with media. Reporters and bloggers are inundated with pitches via email and telephone daily. It can be difficult to get them to hear your story. But, people love to watch and share videos.

If you create a video that involves your pitch and you share it with reporters through sites like Twitter, you may increase your chances of setting your pitch apart from the pack. This means you’ll increase your odds of coverage.

3. Get your campaign rolling. Are you about to start a new product campaign? What better way to do so than to post a video on YouTube showing exactly why people should pay attention? Make sure the video is of good quality, and that you provide reasons why people should pay attention. In other words, keep it focused on benefits.

Do you use YouTube for PR? How does it work for you?

Mickie Kennedy is the CEO and founder of eReleases and blogs at PR Fuel, where a version of this article first appeared.

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