3 effective types of internal communications videos

As visual content surges in popularity across messaging channels, consider how video might resonate with your employees.

When looking to communicate an important message to your staff, video should be at the forefront of your mind.

Video is an efficient way to engage employees and grab their attention. Workers are likely to retain 95 percent of a message when they watch a video (compared with only 10 percent when reading it in text). Sixty percent of professional communicators also say video improves the relationship between the workforce and the board.

Video can be used for many internal communication purposes. Here are three examples:

Training and education

Employers are often keen to share a lot of information with new employees in a short amount of time. Video is a great way to bring people up to speed.

Video makes messages stick far more effectively than text-heavy manuals, making training efficient and useful. Evergreen, reusable training videos can reduce costs for your HR team.

See how The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas handled its training video below:

Health and safety

Regardless of your industry, employee safety and health should be a top priority.

Video and visuals can turn a boring lecture into an unforgettable experience. See the wonderful examples below for inspiration:

Mission, vision and values

Video is ideal for communicating your company’s unique voice, mission, values and objectives. It’s an easy way to immerse new starters and potential hires in your culture.

Here are two examples:

People are watching and creating video every day. It’s quickly becoming the world’s most dominant form of communication. To get through to your workers, video should be a primary option.

A version of this post first appeared on Remarkable Content’s blog.


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