3 keys to birthday marketing success

Want to reach consumers on their name day? Offer an element of surprise. Increase your brand loyalty with these useful tips.

Nothing says “happy birthday” quite like a big-name brand recognizing the occasion and offering you something special.


Most consumers don’t expect it.

Brand managers seeking to reach consumers on their birthdays should heed this advice:

1. Offer freebies, discounts

You’d be hard pressed to find a consumer who isn’t excited about a free gift or additional discount in honor of their day or month of birth.

Gifting goes a long way with today’s consumers. More and more, they want something to walk away with, instead of a boring, templated email.

Brands such as Sephora, Starbucks, Ulta, Superga and Anthropologie offer something consumers can physically take home on their birthday.

A free sample, a complimentary product of their choice or an additional discount with purchase not only brings the consumer into your store or website, but it also sends them home with a something that promotes your brand.

Even something as simple as a month’s worth of free shipping shows the consumer that you’re paying attention and value their patronage.

2. Write a personalized social media message

Are you someone who tracks your birthday well-wishes on social media?

You’re not alone. A short message can have a big effect on consumers—especially online.

If you can’t offer celebratory customers a physical gift on their name day, emulate brand managers at Facebook and craft a personalized message to show that you care.

Whether it be via a tweet, e-card, personalized email or Facebook post, it’s important to take the time to connect with customers directly. They’ll welcome your interaction, no matter the size or scale of your outreach.

If your outreach includes a gift, be on the lookout for Instagram, Facebook or Twitter mentions. Take advantages of any opportunity to interact with a consumer who’s sharing pictures of your brand’s products or promotions.

3. Make the most of your customer rewards/loyalty program

Many organizations require customers to submit their personal information when signing up to join a loyalty program.

If you have a large database of consumer information, use it to cater to specific audience members on their birthdays.

Send something in the mail—or online—to show consumers you’re grateful for their business and brand loyalty.

To align this tactic with your marketing strategy, offer something unique to your brand.

What specific birthday marketing tactics have you found to be successful, Ragan readers?

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