3 keys to enhancing your influencer marketing

Just as you can’t bet on the same horse and jockey race after race, you shouldn’t stay tethered to key figures in your industry or market. Here’s a trifecta of tips for handicapping the field.

Influencer marketing changes as audiences migrate and impact waxes and wanes.

Gaining respect, trust and social capital with PR and digital marketing influencers is increasingly crucial in online marketing, but how do you identify who is influencing whom, and to what degree?

Using analytics, artificial intelligence-driven insights and social media metrics can help you map influence across online platforms and identify patterns with the key players in your industry.

Here are three steps to keep track:

1. See which influencers drive more of the behaviors you seek. Gauging the impact of different influencers’ content can inform which direction or PR strategy you should use. If influencer X’s posts consistently drive more website conversions than influencer Y’s, adjust accordingly.

2. Use topic segmentation and co-mentions to identify brand-relevant topics. If you’re seeing consistently better results when your company is mentioned along with a certain topic, focus more of your influencer marketing efforts there.

3. Identify trends and anomalies to drive your decisions. Recent tech advancements provide insight into the “why” and “how” of PR, in addition to the “what.” Analytics tools deliver data visualization that can show you where important business outcome metrics spike, so you can correlate those with other business events. Identify why those spikes happened and what you must do to generate the next spike.

Angela Baldwin is AirPR’s marketing and operations manager. A version of this post first appeared on AirPR.


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