3 reasons numbers are NOT a PR pro’s enemy

Get the PR measurement skills you need for success with advice from experts during this can’t-miss virtual summit.

For PR pros, it can sometimes be hard to tell whether measurement is your friend or your foe.

That’s especially true when you’re drowning in the sea of data surrounding your campaigns. How do you know which numbers matter and which ones are just vanity metrics?

Communicators at Kent State University, AARP and Texas Christian University know that measurement is their greatest ally in their PR efforts.

When done correctly, measurement helps you:

1. Read minds. Social media data gives you crucial insights into what content your audience wants to see.

2. Make your bosses happy. When you zero in on the right KPIs, you can show how your programs drive business goals forward.

3. Boost your budget. To justify increased spending, you need hard numbers to back up your case.

Perfect your ability to do the above during the PR Measurement Virtual Summit on April 27. Without leaving your desk, you’ll learn how to beat data overload and find the metrics that matter for your campaigns.

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