3 things every great intranet needs

Create a better employee portal with tips from experts at American Express, Duke University and Ferguson Enterprises.

Intranet webinar

If your intranet has become an afterthought in your organization, it’s time to reprioritize.

With the right content, team and tools in place, your intranet can become a valuable channel for advancing your communications goals.

Just ask communicators from American Express, Duke University and Ferguson Enterprises, who’ll be sharing their success stories during the 2019 Intranet Virtual Summit on March 8.

Here’s what they focused on during their intranet transformations:

  1. Creating engaging, employee-focused content that also embodies brand values
  2. Strengthening their relationship with their IT team to make updates go more smoothly
  3. Making social media integration a priority to create a more interactive experience

Give your intranet the attention it needs to become a thriving employee hub. Join us from your desk for this can’t-miss virtual summit.

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