3 ways to keep employees connected during a crisis

Learn how USAA has kept its workforce united and inspired as the pandemic unfolded.

USAA comms tips

At a time of uncertainty, people want to feel connected to their peers—and your employees are no exception.

By providing them with avenues to share their thoughts and feedback, you can keep morale and culture intact even in a period of personal and professional turmoil.

When the COVID-19 pandemic physically separated employees, all organizations had to rethink how they could foster connections in such unique circumstances. Lauren Daniels, assistant vice president of employee communications at USAA, shared the three principles the company employed:

3 Lessons in Viral Communications

By establishing new team processes to fit employees’ needs, ensuring that opportunities for informal and personal conversations could flourish, and creating new avenues for employees to share their stories and feedback, you can keep the bonds among your team members strong.


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