3 ways to persuade your boss that intranets matter

Why intranets are not viewed as an essential part of any organization, and what you can do to change that mindset.

For a long time I have waited for the intranet to get its due recognition within companies. But if most organizations are any indication, intranets have a long way to go.

Think of how important the Web has become to how we live and work. Does your intranet have the same prominence? Is it central to the functioning of your organization? If not, why not?

Over the years, James Roberston has been one of the true pioneers in the intranet space. I asked him if he thought intranets are generally neglected.

“Definitely agree! The big challenge for intranet teams the world over is that intranets are typically taken for granted by senior management, and staff in general. No one would ever consider turning off the intranet, but they are often unloved nonetheless.”

Unfortunately, I have come across many senior managers who couldn’t care less if the intranet was switched off or not. And I have come across so many staff over the years who only use the intranet as a last resort because they think it’s a big waste of time.

The only time the vast majority of intranets ever get a budget of any size is for a new technology.

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