30 jobs in the PR and marketing world

Perks are heavily influencing job seekers’ decisions. Are you saying ‘yes’ too soon? Are you asking for the right things? Here’s advice—and a roundup of open positions to scroll through.

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As marketing jobs continue to increase, industry pros are becoming pickier about which offers to accept.

Similar to how you’d negotiate with a prospective client before signing a statement of work, many PR pros are using their skills to negotiate job perks.

Negotiation tactics are immensely valuable—especially in today’s competitive work climate.

Via Time.com, “Earn What You’re Worth” author, Nicole Williams says it’s up to you to ask for what you want.

If the job offer is on the table, but you’re not sure which perks to ask for, consider the following:

1. More vacation time

Asking for more time off doesn’t require your prospective employer to increase your starting salary, which makes it an easy request, Williams says.

2. Flexible hours

Working from home is no longer just a trend; it’s becoming an important aspect of how many PR pros achieve work/life balance.

From Time.com:

Got a crazy commute? Know you’re way more productive in the early morning? Flex time (work-from-home days and/or flexible work hours) is definitely something to consider.

Williams advises asking for specific flexibilities (working from home on Fridays for example)—and getting your prospective employer to agree in writing.

3. A more satisfying job title

Don’t accept a position with a title that limits your aspirations.

From Time.com:

If you’re not crazy about the title offered, ask for a new one. Williams recommends going on LinkedIn and looking at previously held job titles. Pick one that you like and that’s appropriate for your role. Then, ask for it.

Interested in a healthier work/life balance? In its San Jose, California, office Cisco Systems has an on-site health and wellness center that includes a gym, physical therapy and acupuncture.

The company, which provides telecommuting technologies to create a home office experience, is seeking an integrated marketing manager. Applicants should be feel comfortable with networking technologies and have proven ability to articulate the value of technology or programs to a target audience.

Not the job for you? See what else we have in this week’s professional pickings:

Social media coordinator— Guaranteed Rate (Illinois)

Senior channel marketing manager— American Girl (Wisconsin)

Digital experience and communications assistant— Barneys New York (New York)

Director of public affairs communications— American Airlines (Washington, D.C.)

Junior marketing associate— Phoenix Initiative (Pennsylvania)

Junior digital designer—Telegraph Media Group (United Kingdom)

Brand champion— NYSL Promotions (New Jersey)

Brand ambassador— B&A Management (Georgia)

SAG Awards digital publicity specialist— SAG-AFTRA (California)

Senior marketing manager— Uber (Washington, D.C.)

Director of federal relations— New York Presbyterian Hospital (New York)

Customer care representative— Tervis (Florida)

Executive editor— Illinois News Network (Illinois)

Digital designer— InSkin Media (United Kingdom)

Show business journalist— MailOnline (New York)

Proofreader— Age of Learning (California)

London-based sales and marketing associate— The Advisory Board Co. (Washington, D.C.)

Public relations assistant— Prospect Solutions (Ohio)

Digital publicist— Activision (California)

Marketing communications specialist— Harmar (Florida)

Executive director of communications— Blue Cross Blue Shield Association (Illinois)

Marketing and communications manager— The Madison Club (Wisconsin)

Publications editor— Texas Association of Public Employee Retirement Systems

Web and social editor— Creative Age Publications (California)

Bugatti marketing manager— Volkswagen of America (Virginia)

Web services marketing manager— Amazon (Washington, D.C.)

Director of communications— Weaver Partners (Illinois)

Communications officer— Greene King (United Kingdom)

Senior editor— Linkwell Health (New York)

Morning news anchor— ABC 7 (Florida)

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