30 jobs in the PR and marketing world

As a PR pro, is it possible to be too seasoned? If you’ve been in the same role for far longer than you like to admit, it might be time for a career revival. Here’s how, along with a list of open jobs.

Many PR and marketing pros have already landed their dream jobs.

Instead of settling for what you thought was the height of your career, you should keep striving, one agency exec says.

Seasoned PR pros take note: It’s never too late to establish new goals and expand your “big picture.”

Here’s how:

1. Strengthen your work relationships.

Are your workdays starting to drag? Are you worried you’re becoming a negative force in the office? Marketer and author Don Raskin advises focusing on the people you work with, not necessarily the work that you do.

He adds:

Start by building stronger relationships with the people around you—even if that doesn’t initially look like the source of your frustration. Positive work relationships can improve your work experience immediately, and possibly more than you might suspect. Next, write up a quick list of the other things that will make your job more enjoyable—and focus on the changes that can be made right away while still allowing you to deliver results in your role.

2. Broaden your duties.

If you’ve been in the same role for more than a decade, your enthusiasm might be waning.

To revive your work spirit—and establish a new set of goals—try harder to get more out of your workday.

Raskin explains:

Most jobs offer opportunities for professional development, even if they aren’t easy to spot. Learn everything you can while on the job— even if it includes a lot of grunt work . Ask for work assignments outside the scope of your daily job responsibilities. See if there are courses that your company offers or might be willing to pay for or subsidize. Find a mentor in the company and spend time taking advantage of their experience.

If you’re a diehard PR pro looking to expand your horizons, Columbus, Ohio-based Highlights for Children is seeking a brand communications specialist .

Candidates for this role should have 10-plus years of agency experience and be willing to provide guidance and expertise by collaborating with various teams to carry out the necessary brand communication strategies.

Not the job for you? See what else we have in this week’s professional pickings:

Public relations assistant— Newland Acquisitions (Pennsylvania)

Public relations account coordinator— Matter Communications (Rhode Island)

Social media content manager— Sōsh (Wisconsin)

Junior marketing associate— Surge Connections (Illinois)

Senior public relations manager— CBS Interactive (New York)

Media relations manager— Mid-Ohio Foodbank (Ohio)

Editor— Hulu (California)

Public relations and communications assistant— City of Gold Coast (Louisiana)

Communications specialist— Live Marketing and Management (Missouri)

Content and communications manager— The School of The New York Times (New York)

Assistant marketing manager— Rand McNally (Illinois)

Public relations fall intern— Golin (Florida)

Director of media relations— Links Partners (Washington, D.C.)

Social media engagement editor— Brainjolt (California)

Marketing consultant— Chicago Vision (Illinois)

PR intern— Time Inc. (New York)

Communications manager— BAE Systems (Virginia)

Director of social media and public relations— Munchkin (California)

Editor— HypeBeast (United Kingdom)

Content writer— Achieve Forum (Nebraska)

Director, public relations and communications— Upside Travel (Washington, D.C.)

Public relations and marketing specialist— Lionshare Marketing (Connecticut)

Media relations manager— Step Logic (Georgia)

Corporate communications manager— Nestlé Water North America (Connecticut)

Senior social media strategist— Digital Kitchen (California)

Account director— Nancy J. Friedman Public Relations (New York)

Vice president for communications— Association Management Group (Washington, D.C.)

Head of PR and communications— The Hoxton (New York)

Growth editor— BBC Worldwide (United Kingdom)

Managing editor— Thrive Market (California)

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