30 jobs in the PR and marketing world

Although many young marketers’ careers have stemmed from an aced interview, one strategist says the approach to your job search matters most. Here’s a slew of jobs to get yours started.

Hiring mangers’ inboxes are flooding with résumés from recent graduates.

For marketing graduates, there’s plenty of competition for entry-level positions at both agencies and boutique firms. To set yourself apart, digital marketing strategist Samuel Edwards says to avoid common pitfalls.

“As a graduate with a business degree and focus in marketing, you’ll be up against thousands of other young professionals looking for the same elusive jobs,” he says in an Inc article. “While doing the right thing is important, you also need to avoid doing the wrong things. If you can circumvent [the] mistakes [that] new college graduates frequently make, you’ll be better off than most.”

Although many recent grads make interview blunders and on-the-job errors such as not listening intently, failing to show emotion or showing up unprepared, crucial mistakes can also happen during your job search, Edwards says.

To help recent grads start off on the right foot, Edwards advises the following job search tactics:

  • Cast a wider net. Many new graduates think they know exactly which specialty or industry is for them, and they narrow their focus to a small subsection. Many won’t really know what they want to do—nor where they want to be—until they’ve joined the workforce.
  • Get offline. To help with the job search, many universities offer special events and career fairs for graduating students. Professional marketing events present opportunities to shake a hand, have a conversation and physically hand over a résumé.
  • Focus on yourself. Sure, you’re seeking opportunities, but those opportunities will come to fruition only if you focus on yourself. Clean up your online presence, build a complete and thorough LinkedIn profile, and lobby for yourself.
  • Take money out of the equation. You have your whole career to worry about earnings, so don’t make salary a huge focus. Don’t eliminate a job from your search just because it offers less than another.

Sometimes getting ahead in your career translates to volunteer work. Chicago’s Foodseum is seeking a marketing and social media volunteer/intern to assist the nonprofit’s marketing team.

Candidates for this role should be prepared to spend 10 hours a week gathering analytics, planning and executing outreach initiatives, and responding to Foodseum’s social media audience.

Not the job for you? See what else we have in our weekly professional pickings:

Marketing intern— Trupanion (Washington)

Content marketing intern— Modern Healthcare (Illinois)

Social media editor— Fusion (California)

Editorial intern— Pop Sugar (New York or California)

Marketing intern— MOO (Rhode Island)

Social media marketing analyst— Solomon Page Group (New York)

Business and marketing intern— OTF Group (Illinois)

Digital marketing coordinator— Pacific Life (California)

Fashion editor— Hearst Magazines (New York)

Marketing associate— Signature (New Jersey)

Public relations and digital marketing intern— Denor Brands & Public Relations (Tennessee)

Marketing assistant— Atlantic Coast Events (North Carolina)

Consumer PR Internship— Weber Shandwick (Illinois)

Entry level brand marketing associate— RMB Marketing (Utah)

Intern, marketing communications— SAP (Pennsylvania)

Brand marketing associate— New Heights Management Group (Washington)

Social media manager— CyberCoders (New Jersey)

Junior marketing associate— Moxie (Texas)

Sales and marketing associate— Pierce Marketing (Oklahoma)

Communications, PR intern— DeVry Education Group (Illinois)

Entry level marketing associate— Prospect Solutions (Michigan)

Associate social media specialist— About.com (New York)

Digital marketing intern— AFN (Illinois)

Managing editor— Tribeza Magazine (Texas)

Business administration and marketing associate— Surge Connections (Illinois)

Junior marketing associate— Valiant Marketing Solutions (California)

Corporate communications, editorial intern— The Walt Disney Co. (California)

Junior online PR specialist— WebpageFX (Pennsylvania)

PR, promotions and sales assistant— Omnifortuna (Florida)

PR Intern— PR Hacker (California)

If you have a position you would like to see highlighted in this weekly jobs listing, please email me at clarel@ragan.com.

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