30 jobs in the PR and marketing world

A CareerBuilder survey shows that U.S. military veterans might not be applying for jobs that match their skill sets. Here are insights—and a list of marketing roles to boost your search.

Marketing prowess and military skills are more similar than many might think.

To land communications positions, a CareerBuilder survey says, veterans should be more willing to highlight their service experience.

It’s essential that veterans “stress the strengths they picked up while serving,” Business News Daily reports. “The employers surveyed said the most important qualities members of the armed forces bring to organizations after leaving active duty are”:

  • Disciplined approach to work

  • Ability to work as [part of] a team

  • Respect and integrity

  • Ability to perform under pressure

  • Leadership skills

  • Problem-solving skills

  • Ability to adapt quickly

  • Attitude of perseverance

  • Communication skills

  • Strong technical skills

Do any of those abilities sound like they’d belong to a marketing professional? According to Business News Daily’s list of top-10 positions for veterans in 2016, the answer is yes.

Customer service was ranked the No. 1 niche for former military members to tap, followed by marketing at No. 8 and research and development at No. 9.

A CareerBuilder study found that one-third of veterans didn’t know which industries or fields would be relevant to their types of service. Instead of going after positions focused on communications or problem-solving abilities, veterans said they weren’t sure which jobs would complement their various skill sets.

CareerBuilder’s advice to veterans is that they shouldn’t be afraid to highlight their military service.

“Nearly half of employers said they pay more attention to the applications submitted by veterans,” the study states. “In addition, 69 percent said if given two equally qualified candidates — one veteran and one not — they are more likely to hire the veteran.”

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Professional services firm Deloitte made this year’s list of top 100 companies for vets and is looking for a Kansas City, Missouri-based digital marketing consultant .

Candidates for this role should have knowledge of marketing automation, customer data and customer engagement. You should also have at least four years of experience with marketing project implementation.

Not the job for you? See what else we have in this week’s professional pickings:

Digital marketing manager— Leslie Hindman Auctioneer (Illinois)

Public relations specialist— inSegment (Massachusetts)

Social media content writer— WGT Media (California)

Rolling Stone video editor— Werner Media (New York)

Web manager— Persyo Marketing (California)

Online copywriter— KLM (Netherlands)

Editor— The Wichita Eagle (Kansas)

Sales and marketing manager— LP Bronze Intl. (New York)

Senior account manager/vice president— Perry Communications Group (California)

Marketing representative— Diamond Resorts Intl. (Florida)

Social media manager— Social Vantage (Pennsylvania)

Home design writer/editor— Houzz (California)

Social media editor— Laundry Service (New York)

Public relations coordinator— Amain.com Performance Sports & Hobbies (California)

Senior digital and social media manager— American Marketing Association (Illinois)

Head of PR and social— New Look (United Kingdom)

Social media editor— Handmade Charlotte (Georgia)

Homepage editor— TheStreet (New York)

Social media and communications intern— Gonzaga College High School (Washington, D.C.)

Director of social media marketing— Tribune Publishing (California)

Copywriter— Blast Radius (Illinois)

Digital media coordinator— Jennings Social Media Marketing (Missouri)

Multimedia account executive— Free Press Media (Vermont)

Associate editor content marketing and social— Farmers Insurance (California)

Social media manager— WyzAnt (Illinois)

Integrated marketing coordinator— Taunton Press (New York)

Senior digital analyst— Pace Communications (North Carolina)

Marketing assistant— Simpson Housing (Colorado)

Senior marketing designer— SagaCity Media (Oregon)

PR manager— Fairchild Media (New York)

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