4 building blocks of personal brands

Marketers, your personal brand deserves the same time and effort you put into burnishing your company’s reputation.

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As a marketer, you understand that strong brands open new markets, create buzz, and attract lines of customers stretching around the block.

So, why don’t you pay more attention to your personal brand?

In the employment market—as in the consumer marketplace—a strong, strategic brand makes the difference between being in demand and being lost in the crowd. It gets you noticed, acknowledged, considered first for opportunities. Just like a consumer brand, a great personal brand doesn’t happen by accident; it takes strategy and work.

Shoppers line up for the latest iPhone: Does your personal brand have the same effect?

Take Colin Powell, a fantastic leader with a precise personal brand. Every speech he gives leaves you in no doubt of the exact message he planned to deliver. Or consider Lady Gaga, whose outlandish brand almost belies the amount of thought she puts into appealing to her followers, from the way she engages online right down to the shoes she wears.

You don’t need a brand strategy for life but you should have one for the next two to five years. Next time you assess your professional goals, consider what type of brand will get you there, and align accordingly.

Four building blocks of personal branding

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