4 ideas to stoke your content marketing genius

Don’t let your greatest ideas fade away. Enter the 2016 Content Marketing Awards to get the accolades you deserve.

You don’t need fancy gadgets or hours of research to create content worthy of a 2016 Content Marketing Award; you just need a clever idea and the right execution.

To jump-start your imagination, here are a few notions for creating content that leave the others in the dust.

  • A humorous flow chart: Explain a process, and add humor: “Will it go viral?” (with all paths leading to “maybe”). Or this.
  • A low-budget video: No drone footage or fancy editing tricks are necessary. If it evokes emotion, you’ve done your job.
  • A microsite: One agency created a guessing game: Is a particular name a death metal band, or a piece of Ikea furniture?
  • An open letter: Not all open letters must be patronizing. Try for something funny and relevant to your organization.

The Content Marketing Awards recognize the most innovative and effective content created between Jan. 1, 2015, and Sept. 1, 2016. (That means there’s still time to create something brilliant.) With 15 categories, including a Grand Prize, there are many ways to receive recognition for your brilliant idea!

Submissions take about an hour to complete. During our special submission period through Sept. 21, you’ll save $50 when you use the code CMSpecial2016.

See all the categories, and submit your work now.

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