4 tips for better proofreading

Take advantage of editing apps, try reading backward, and review one discrete aspect of your text at a time.

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To err is human.

However, leaving typos, poor grammar, inconsistent information and glaring mistakes in your text is more than embarrassing. It erodes credibility.

You can’t and won’t catch everything, but you can tighten up considerably by taking a more strategic, methodical approach to reviewing your written content.

Try these four tips to improve your proofreading:

1. Use tools to your advantage.

Pay attention to what your spell-checker is telling you. Don’t rely on spell-check to catch everything, but it is a handy tool to catch redundant words and obvious typos.

Beyond spell-check, there are oodles of editing apps to choose from. Why not use technology to up your proofreading game?

Tip: If your spell-checker is telling you that a product name or industry lingo is spelled incorrectly, add the correct spelling to your dictionary.

2. Read backward.

Most of us have become unabashed skimmers.

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