4 ways to make your boring product sexier

Focus on being helpful, and inject a bit of personality into your copy. Also, ruthlessly chop out buzzwords and jargon.

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Compelling content can deliver meaningful business results for any company, in any industry—but some may have to work a bit harder to arouse interest.

Certain industries, topics or products are naturally fresh, flashy or alluring, but what about annuities? How can you make tax returns or estate planning sexy?

It’s not a knock on insurance to say it’s a tedious, uninteresting subject for most people. It’s OK to admit that. However, that’s not a license to bore your readers to death.

It’s possible to mine rich, persuasive stories from even the most mundane, dreary or convoluted companies.

Here are four quick ways to make your “boring” industry a bit more interesting:

1. Always be helpful.

If your content is helpful, informative or useful for your target audience, someone out there is going to find it interesting.

Take the example of an estate planning attorney. You might blog about how to draft a will, or you could pen a post about when a living trust is necessary. Perhaps you could write a series on how to choose guardians for your children.

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