5 handy Twitter tools

These shortcuts for tweeting, getting alerts, tracking hashtags, and chatting can help make managing a Twitter account less of a sinkhole for time and energy.

Twitter is full of useful information, but staying on top of your key people, search terms, or hashtags can seem like a full-time job.

In the past few years, several sites have emerged that make tweeting, tracking, and reporting as easy as the click of a button. Here are five of my favorites:

Click to Tweet: This is a handy tool for providing the media with turnkey Twitter content and also encouraging them to Tweet the story quickly and with your preferred messaging. Simply go to the site, compose the tweet, and then embed the link in the release or pitch.

Mobile Alerts:
Twitter mobile alerts are by far the best service Twitter offers its users. Basically, you can set up mobile alerts for any person or brand you follow.

When they tweet, it automatically sends a text to your phone so you see it immediately—very important for select media members you need to monitor and any clients who tweet regularly.

It’s really easy to set up—just go onto the Twitter feed for the person/brand you’re following, click on the little icon of the person’s head and the last option in the dropdown menu is “turn on mobile notifications.” Once you set up the first one with your phone number and the times you want to get the texts, the rest are just a click of a button.

Twilert: Twilert is super helpful and is basically like Google Alerts for Twitter. You can set up any search term, and you’ll get a daily email with all Tweets containing that search term.

I recommend setting up a Twilert for all your clients and any other important search terms such as “Jackson Hole” or “wedding in Thailand.” Really, anything you want or need to monitor.

Tweet Reach: I love this easy reporting system for tweets. You can choose a hashtag or link that you want to track and quickly pull a Tweet Reach report to measure the number of tweets, their reach, and other cool quantifiers.

It even includes pretty pie charts (swoon). Tweet Reach offers the report in an attractive PDF ready to send to your team or clients or to include in reports.

Tchat: If you’ve ever participated in a Twitter chat—either as a guest contributor or a “listener”—you know how annoying it can be to continually refresh Twitter with the dedicated hashtag and remember to include the dedicated hashtag in each of your tweets.

Enter Tchat. This handy site allows you to input the hashtag and then easily follow the chat on the site. Any time you want to chime in, simply compose your tweet and the hashtag autopopulates. Brilliant.

Amy Ogden is the director of marketing and development at J Public Relations. A version of this story originally appeared on the agency’s blog.


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