5 marvelous marketing takeaways from entertainment campaigns

To turn consumers into fans, try playing on emotion, and titillating instead of purely selling.

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Entertainment marketing lessons

For anyone in marketing, fan obsession is the holy grail.

Entertainment campaigns excel at gaining this level of brand love, with fans regularly tracking the release of advertising and passionately sharing and deconstructing it online.

Though it doesn’t hurt to have a great movie or TV show to promote, your team can tap into these five key principles from entertainment marketing to elicit such devotion:

1. Make entertainment, not advertising. The best film and TV ads focus on emotion over information, because audiences don’t just want to know something, they want to feel FX makes campaigns on this emotional level, aiming for conversation and shareability over narrative clarity, as in this teaser for “Atlanta” season 2.

2. Tease, don’t tell. Great campaigns practice the art of the tease, withholding information to elicit curiosity. Tease a key story element, and audiences will scour the internet for more. Netflix’s teaser for “13 Reasons Why” season 2 shows how saying as little as possible can create big buzz, with over 14 million views across social media channels.

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