5 more apps that help PR pros do their jobs

PR pros can get even more mileage out of their smartphones and tablets with these industry friendly suggestions.

Mobile use is a growing trend, with the average user spending 2 hours and 42 minutes on smartphones and tablets every day. About 86 percent of the time spent on those devices involves apps, according to an ERS infographic.

Not only can PR pros take note of this trend for campaign planning in 2015, they can also use the power of mobile to help make their jobs go more smoothly.

As a follow-up to last week’s industry-friendly apps collection, here are five more that PR pros should download:

1. Feedly (available for Android and iOS)

PR pros must keep up with news as it happens, and many bemoaned the loss of Google Reader in July 2013. Though there are many newsreaders to choose from, Feedly takes the lead as an easy-to-organize solution for news junkies on the go.

The app has pre-assembled lists of blogs, news sites, and RSS feeds to choose from in a variety of categories, but users can also add any RSS feed (including Ragan.com’s), creating a feed of continuous news and updates.

Feedly users can also separate their feeds into custom lists, so PR pros can easily create sections to keep up with industry news for each of their clients.

2. Flipboard (available for Android and iOS)

Flipboard is a powerful social newsreader and has been called the “next big thing” in PR. The visual nature of the app makes it stand out among competitors. The striking visuals that grace magazine covers and accompany most articles draw many users in to read more.

You can use the app to create your own magazine(s) or you can subscribe to others’ magazines on topics ranging from recipes to world news. The newest version of the app includes more than 34,000 topics.

3. 1Password (available for Android and iOS)

PR pros wear many hats, and with all the accounts they manage, remembering each password can be a Herculean task.

1Password collects account information from social media platforms, websites, credit cards and more, and stores them in the app, generating a strong and unique password for each website. Users only have to remember the master password.

The system is much better than resorting to passwords such as “12345,” or using the same password for all your accounts. Though Sony’s hackers were pretty savvy, many brands get hacked on Twitter as a result of weak passwords.

4. Trello (available for Android and iOS)

Campaigns require a lot of teamwork, but coordinating with co-workers can be a monumental headache. It’s also easy to lose sticky notes or attachments within lengthy email threads.

Trello is a cloud-based platform and app that enables you organize tasks and connect with teammates so you can clearly and easily collaborate.

Users can create cards for individual tasks, which can be sorted under various projects or campaigns. Each card can include attachments, such as photos or press releases, and cards can be assigned to individual team members.

Team members can also make notes updating the progress of a task card or can ask questions of co-workers directly through Trello, cutting down on email chains.

5. AP Stylebook (available for iOS)

The Hemingway app helps you improve your writing by suggesting color-coded changes, but PR pros know there’s still the matter of conquering AP style before sending press releases to reporters and editors.

The $24.99 app not only enables users to search AP Stylebook based on keywords, but it also offers lists of your most recent and favorite searches. The app includes a pronunciation guide along with @APStylebook’s Twitter feed, which includes helpful style tips and reminders.

Though the app is available only on Apple devices, the 2014 AP Stylebook is also available as an e-book on Google Play.

Learn more about apps that can help PR and marketing pros—along with the trends you’ll have to pay attention to in 2015—when we talk with Patrick Goodman, product director of RedeApp, in our next #RaganSocial Twitter chat. Join us Tuesday, Dec. 16 at 2 p.m. CST.

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