5 old-school PR tactics to bring back

While your competitors fight for attention on social media, make your brand stand out with one of these overlooked, more traditional approaches instead.

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If your company needs a boost, try one of the following tactics. Sometimes it helps to try something a little different!

1. Issue a photo advisory.

A photo advisory is a pretty old-school tactic that involves telling anyone with a camera to stop by your store because something cool is going to happen. Then you, in fact, do something cool, like hold a contest that’s worthy of a few hundred photos. Maybe you’ll have a special guest show up. Nobody would want to miss that, would they?

2. Tie your business into the news.

What’s in the news right now? You may be able to use it to your advantage. A heat wave may be driving everyone crazy but, luckily, you sell custom-flavored freeze pops. Sell the story to the local news as a way you’re helping everyone fight the heat, and watch your sales soar.

3. Hang out on forums.

Some call it wasting time, but it’s never a bad idea to hold real conversations with your customers. Go where your customers are and find out what they’re talking about. Chances are you’ll be able to relate in some way, and chat with the best of them. Remember to talk, not sell. They’ll ignore you or kick you out.

Tip: Avoid religion and politics, especially on the Internet!

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