5 PR lessons from ‘House of Cards’

The show’s lead, Frank Underwood, will do anything to stay on top. Though many of his methods are underhanded, PR pros can still glean useful advice from the character.

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Frank Underwood lies, cheats and steals—but he’s also a goldmine of PR wisdom.

The notoriously praised, self-made potentate is America’s president in the hit Netflix series “House of Cards.”

He might have murdered a few innocents and possibly stepped on a sea of toes in his rise to glory, but behind that impenetrable façade—where his soul should be—there are witty, quotable snippets of public relations wisdom.

Here are a few (surprisingly) good PR tips, courtesy of Underwood:

1. Honesty is always the best policy.


The root of bad PR is misinformation. People would rather be fed truth than ambiguity, even when the situation is tough to digest.

When in doubt, be honest with yourself, your team and your audience.

2. Keep your word.


When you make a promise to your client, your staff or members of the media, they expect you to deliver—no matter what.

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