5 résumé tips for marketing pros

Savvy marketers can land a coveted position if they brand themselves correctly and put their best efforts forward. Follow this advice to stand out from other applicants vying for a job.

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There’s a big difference between a general resume for a simple job and a resume of a marketer.

Unlike the traditional resume, a marketing resume must contain more specific aspects, such as past industry accomplishments backed by statistics, knowledge of different marketing strategies and overall experience that matches an organization’s requirements.

Those who interview you might possibly have a similar background, mindset and expectations as you do. In this scenario, you’re the product. You must sell yourself well.

Many marketers fail to realize that they should treat their résumés as they treat their marketing campaigns. A strategic marketing strategy isn’t much different from good résumé-writing advice and how you should apply for a marketing position.

Don’t be the type of marketer that can’t sell him or herself. Instead, employ the following tips and tricks to look professional in the eyes of the future job recruiters:

1. Personalize your résumé accordingly.

Do your research and figure out what’s important to the organization for which you’re applying. When you spot characteristics that it emphasizes and other relevant information gives you clues, note them and then review your résumé .

Include everything that’s relevant to the organization, paying attention to previous activities and your professional background. Eliminate excess information, and make a personalized résumé for each position in which you apply.

2. An outstanding design can make a good first impression.

Recruiters are often pleased to look at organized and neat résumés. A good design also enables them to focus on your personal details and traits instead of external factors.

“A successful résumé is always made up of two parts: the content and the design,” says Alison Evans, career advisor at Career Booster. “It won’t work if there’s any missing.”

3. Highlight your traits.

This is a general advice for any successful résumé, but it also applies to marketing pros. A marketer’s traits are extremely relevant to the company’s functionality. We have huge responsibilities. One person can influence an organization’s fate, and we can’t throw away money on dysfunctional marketing campaigns (unless we want to get fired).

Include your most relevant marketing traits—the unique skill that you can perform better than most of your competitors. Don’t show off; instead, focus on marketing specifics. List your skills and traits, and show how they’ve helped you create and manage successful campaigns.

4. Present benefits, not your features.

Effective sales copy focuses on the consumers’ benefits from a given product, not its features.

Whenever possible, list the benefits of your activities and skills. Tell how your aptitudes are relevant to the position. By doing so, you’re not only presenting what you can potentially do, but also what you’re specifically going to do for the organization.

5. List relevant experience and accomplishments.

Your past marketing experience can greatly influence your chances of landing your dream job.

Be as specific as possible. That includes listing analytics from your latest marketing campaign, clear proof of collaboration with different companies, screenshots showing off stated facts and more.

Crafting a marketing résumé is can be difficult, but if you know what your interviewers want, you can make a good impression and improve your chances of landing a coveted position.

Eva Wislow is a career coach from Pittsburgh. Connect with her on Twitter or LinkedIn.



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