5 smart ways to make yourself irreplaceable at work

Assimilating industry nomenclature (not jargon) and navigating the company culture — without getting mired in office politics — will help you gain and retain solid footing in your workplace.

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If your boss doesn’t think you’re getting the job done, there are plenty of people who can replace you.

Everyone wants to gain an advantage by making themselves irreplaceable. But how do you become so valuable at work your boss won’t want to lose you?

Here are five tips on how to become that smart person your boss can’t do without:

1. Don’t be a know-it-all.

Even though you may think you’re bright, don’t get a swelled head. People seek out intelligent co-workers, but no one wants to work with a know-it-all — especially if your know-it-all mentality offends the boss.

Be a leader. Demonstrate your knowledge about the inner workings of your company and your position. Offer assistance to your co-workers, but don’t flaunt your abilities or intelligence lest you draw the resentment of everyone in the office.

2. Continue to learn.

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