5 stereotypes people have about PR

Do these have any merit or are they misconceptions the industry needs to shake?

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Why the hate? Are PR pros really the despicable car salesmen people make them out to be? Have people developed an unfair stereotype over the last century?

Of course, everyone has an opinion. Here are five of the biggest reasons people dislike PR pros. I don’t necessarily agree with these points—I’m just playing devil’s advocate.

1. PR pros keep people from talking to who they really want to talk to. Think gatekeeper. When there’s a really good story and a journalist wants to get to the bottom of it, PR professionals stand in the way as a line of defense.

2. PR pros skate around the truth. If there’s a chance the information a journalist is searching for can make a client look bad, you can bet the PR person will circumvent the truth. He probably won’t lie, but you’d be foolish to expect the entire story.

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