5 tips to elevate your internal communications

Educating, informing and engaging your colleagues helps them excel and bolsters the bottom line—not to mention its contributions to staff retention. Try these approaches.

Internal communication is essential to business success.

Clear, compelling messaging keeps employees engaged and motivated, leading to higher productivity and a stronger bottom line.

Robust internal communication inspires employees to excel and boosts their morale when they need it most.

Here are five ways to ensure success in your internal communications:

  • Build an internal social network. Chat platforms such as Workplace and Slack can facilitate communication and collaboration. Internal networks can also house master calendars of company events and streamline communication channels in the workplace. If your employees are spread across many locations and offices, an internal social network helps connect them and enhances accountability, awareness and teamwork.
  • Build a culture of engagement and empowerment. In a recent global survey, Aon Hewitt found that a 5 percent increase in employee engagement is linked to a 3 percent increase in revenue growth the following year. Employees of all generations tend to be more engaged and empowered by companies that value people. Creating a culture of engagement starts with leadership.
  • Deliver content that employees crave. Prioritize short, visual content that can be quickly consumed. Filter and segment content based on relevance and importance to specific employees and job functions. Of course, the content is important, but also consider the way it’s delivered. Video is among the most engaging, easily digestible formats, and it should be incorporated into your internal communication.
  • Strategically target different groups of employees. As with your marketing messages to customers, communication should be tailored to meet the different needs of various groups. Segment communication to ensure your messaging is relevant and well received.
  • Recognize employees. Team leaders should regularly recognize employees for accomplishments made inside and outside the office. Who doesn’t like compliments, appreciation and recognition?

Internal communication encourages, educates and uplifts workers. That leads to higher employee engagement, which can improve morale, boost productivity and lead to a better working environment. That’s how you build a stronger, better business.

Halli Bruton is an account executive at Burdette Ketchum. A version of this post first appeared on the Burdette Ketchum blog.


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