5 tips to make your press releases stand out

Don’t push out another dry, boring press release. Consider these tips to ensure journalists always read your news.

If you already use online marketing tactics, it makes sense to include press releases in the mix. After all, the more places you reach people, the more website visitors you’ll get and the more customers you’ll convert.

Here are five writing tips that will make your press releases more readable:

1. Make sure your press release is newsworthy.

Press releases aren’t for talking about how great your company is. They’re designed to disseminate news about your company that others might care about. Maybe your company recently received funding or launched a new product.

2. Use quotations from people in your story pitch.

The most successful press releases use quotes from the involved parties. If your news is about the opening of a new business location, get a quote from the store manager or business owner. Avoid generic quotes like, “I’m excited about this news.” Make the person quoted say why he or she is excited and what this means for the company and its customers.

3. Think about your news angle.

When you write your press release, consider the news you share. Is it a story a journalist would jump on, or just another dry press release announcing something unimportant?

4. Amplify your press release on social media.

Every time you publish a press release, share it across your social media channels. This creates more opportunities for you to introduce people to your brand. Rather than always clicking on the “share” button on your release and using the template copy, customize an update that will better entice people to click and read the news.

5. Write a compelling headline.

Your headline is the key to getting people to read your press release. It should not only explain what the release is about, but engage the reader to want to find out more. If you’re not sure how to write fabulous headlines, Copyblogger has an ebook on the subject.

Press releases are a fantastic addition to the marketing and PR tactics you already do. With these helpful hints, you’ll be introducing more people to your organization and driving traffic from across the Internet to your website.

Susan Payton is the president of Egg Marketing & Communications, where she helps her clients realize the benefits of social media, content marketing and blogging. A version of this article originally appeared on the Vocus blog.

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