5 types of corporate cultures: Which is yours?

The ‘comrade,’ the ‘free spirit,’ the ‘traditionalist’: Here’s how to identify the essence of your business environment and your company’s defining traits.

Culture affects every aspect of your company, from the public’s perception of your brand to your employees’ job satisfaction to your bottom line.

Whatever your line of work, it’s essential that your corporate culture is adaptable and open to improvement. This starts with establishing what kind of culture your company breeds and supports.

Although no two cultures are exactly alike, organizations tend to fall under one of these categories:

1. Team-first corporate culture (a.k.a. “the comrade”)

A company with a team-first mentality makes employees’ happiness its top priority.

Frequent team outings, opportunities to provide meaningful feedback and flexibility to accommodate personal schedules are hallmarks of a team-first culture. Consider Netflix and its decision to offer unlimited family leave.

Team-oriented companies tend to hire for culture fit first—skills and experience second— because they know that happy employees make for happier customers. This approach dovetails with customer service-focused organizations.

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