5 ways to be a more healthful writer

Worried that your career is going to lead you down a path of cocaine and mood swings? It’s time to change your habits, if you can.

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Writers have higher risk of mental illness, study says

Well, that’s just great.

It turns out that writers are more prone to anxiety, bipolar disorder, depression, and substance control problems.

Though I don’t think any of these symptoms apply to me, I started wondering whether my daily writing habits were going to lead my down a dark hole, filled with unpredictable mood swings, late-night trips to Walgreens for $3 red wine, and the irrational fear that the white van in my neighborhood really is following me.

It’s too late for me to become an otolaryngologist or get that degree in aeronautical engineering. Sitting down at a computer and writing stuff is pretty much the only thing I know how to do. I just don’t want to suffer from the side effects of my profession.

Ever since I started telecommuting, I’ve noticed that some of my personal habits are deteriorating. Sure, it’s little things now, but if I don’t get control of myself, I could wind up passed out (or worse) in an alley, wearing mismatched slippers and a Snuggie, and clutching a gin-soaked notepad filled with unfinished haikus about corporate communicators.

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